(The filming of) Looking for ALbion
Rory Edmonds

Sunday 14th July 2019 21:00

And then I imagine you - lost on the cutting room floor - searching for the perfect field - the perfect green… But the grass is fake; there is no footprint.
(The filming of) Looking for ALbion, will be shown on the roof alongside (a) Collaboration.


Jesper List Thomsen

8th until 13th April 2019

BASE BASE etc. is a 6-day reading event which ruminates on the body and its language, political perversion, public performance, bodybuilding, the vernacular of the gym, and the coalescence of corporal and semantic expression. Comprised of a live reading, an installation of sculptures and a public reading group, this event further acts as a prologue for a solo exhibition by List Thomsen that will take place at Hot Wheels Projects, late 2019.


The Hunger
Catbox Contemporary: Amalia Vekri and Ian Swanson

3rd until 5th January 2019

In between now and then, in between past and future stands the hunger like a black serpent crawling through time. Its teeth are white and long, ready to suck everything that comes its way. A holy cat is watching it from afar while some wandering gollums are guarding its cave. The clever serpent is trying to trick the flamboyant dancers and possess them by entering their bodies but it fails. The wandering gollums sense it, but remain silent…


How it Comes to Matter
Dutch Art Institute, Van Abbemuseum COOP Academy: Practicing Articulation, Articulating Practice

31st May until 3rd June 2018

As a study group over the past eight months we have been asking and re-asking ourselves foundational questions about our work: What constitutes a practice? How are different ideas, positions, emotions and politics articulated within that practice? What are the structures underlying their articulation that inform, dictate or resits the practice? How do we bring these articulations into the world? Comprising an ambitious constellation of moving image, installation, drawing, performance and reading groups ‘How It Comes t Matter’ sees seven distinct but interrelated propositions consider the specific type of knowledge production art practice gives rises to - and why, and how, that matters.


Dreaming on a Dreamless Reality

18th until 19th May 2018

Hyperlink connects with Hot Wheels for a two day event. A calling to go back to your first thoughts. Your core of inspiration. Like rebirth. The idea to have the chance again to place your self out of the ordinary. And try something new or something old and forgotten. The chance to reconsider. Curated by Hyperlink Athens.

Young Girl Reading Group 156At Hot Wheels, YGRG156 will read together with the audience a text Venus in Two Acts by Saidiya Hartman. Alongside, there will be a screening of YGRG 14X: reading with a single hand (2018, 30 min) film by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė.


Omer and Fatma “Roses” Release Party
Michal Knychaus and Ula Lucinska

March 10th 2018

The inaugural album released by the polish duo is the first sign of physical presence, created in the form of limited CD’s and will be followed by the additional release of 7’ vinyl single in the coming weeks. All recordings and masterings are made by non-professionals, produced between Athens and Poznań, Poland. Its contributors vary widely in field and location, including: Asbo Airlines, CONSP, DarkNetHost, Hawaje, Daniel Koniusz, Stachu Szumski, UltraRareSabra, Matipies, Wszystko.

Omar and Fatmar lives precariously by the musical alias of Polish artists Ula Lucińska, Michał Knychaus, the duo producing and releasing within the independent DIY record label “Richard Harris”. The label exists across genres; experimental/alternative/ trash/ignorant/effortless rap/trap/electronic/post goth/genre rejecting.


Based on Performance
Zoja Smutny (CDN/GR), Athena Stamati (GR), Zoi Kollatou (GR), Alicia Grant (CDN/BERLIN), Stavros Kottas (GR)

March 2nd 2018

An evening of multidisciplinary artists sharing their unfinished performances. This evening is meant to ignite a critical conversation between the viewer and the maker. An open space for viewing, listening, sharing, reflecting, and creating a dialogue within the artistic community of Athens. Based on Performance is curated by Zoja Smutny, hoping to ignite a critical feedback conversation about performance in the gallery. There are four works that will be presented, each 20min long. Once the works have been presented, we invite you to stay and talk with us about these works in process.


On the Run: Ecologies of Gaze by hd.kepler.
Mirela Baciak, Bikini, DEDAZO, hd.kepler., Montecristo Project, Eleni Riga, SUPER

February 17th 2018

Ecologies of Gaze is conceived as a study of attention through the spectrum of proximity and care. The departure point was the book “For an Ecology of Attention” where the thinker, Yves Citton, uses the theory of the economists George Franck and Maurice Goldhaber considering attention as a currency. Citton proposes a change of direction from the “One” to the “Other” and from the “We” to our environment. We have asked artists and curators how they practice attention in a world governed by automatism.

How do we practice attention at an unconventional exhibition space in a lighthouse in Sardinia or in a residency in the jungle of Chiapas, in a nomadic space moving from Εurope or in an exhibition space always presenting one or two artworks (bikini or monokini)?


Jaakko Pallasvuo Screening at Cinemarian
Jaakko Pallasvuo

January 22nd 2018

An off-site screening of Jaakko Pallasvuo​​'s films hosted by (but not at!) Hot Wheels Projects.
The screening included:
Mask (2017)
Filter (2017)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (2016)

Jaakko Pallasvuo​​ is an artist​​. Pallasvuo works with moving images, performances, exhibitions and comics. In his work Pallasvuo explores the anxieties of being alive now, and the prospect of living in some possible future. In recent years his work has been presented at New York Film Festival, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, TBA21 and Jupiter Woods, among others.


Speak Through You
Ioanna Gerakidi, Juliet Jacques, Erica Scourti, Cally Spooner, Jesper List Thomsen

January 4th 2018

An evening of readings, videos and performances from a group of artists working through the embodiment of voice, inscription and linguistic dynamics. Exploring the haptics of auto-ethnographic writing, found text and technology-assisted transcription, the event features diverse schemas of approaching voicing, mouthing and speaking through self and others.


Col O Bara
Theodoras Vogiatzidis

28th September 2017

Film screening of Col O Bara.