(a) Collaboration
Nicholas Cheveldave & Sebastian Lloyd Rees

Opening: Friday, June 21st
On until Saturday, August 11th 2019


Belly Ache
Anastasia Pavlou

Opening: Tuesday, February 26th
On until Saturday, March 31st 2019

“Belly ache” is as much an environment as it is an examination of a psychological state. When we are born, we enter a fragmented state. This exhibition leads a fragmentary reading of a fragmented condition.


Realistic Art
Stephen Aldahl

Opening: Tuesday, January 15th
On until Saturday, February 16th 2019

Realistic painting is believable. Realistic Painting is everything and nothing. Believability is the surface that we move across.


At the Foyer of Purgatory
Matilde Cerruti Quara

Opening: Tuesday, November 13th
On until Saturday, December 23rd 2018

At the Foyer of Purgatory is a physical space of the mind for all those who wander, where one canwarmly gather,sit and chat,as if it was my own house, while those who favour solitude can spend timein meditation. I’m very curious to listen to what my guests will have to say, to observe the motion of this contemporary Foucault’s pendulum between catharsis and annihilation, keeping an open mind towards both cigarettes and palo santo, while we sip on a Yogi tea—or do you reckon we should go for dirty Martinis?


Vasilis Papageorgiou
Texts by: James Bridle, Danai Giannoglou, Paky Vlassopoulo

Opening: Tuesday, September 25th
On until Saturday, November 3rd 2018

Papageorgiou has synthesised his open enquiry from places of gathering and community into a sculptural deconstruction of the bar, one of the epicentres of the modern social space. Presenting homogenous elements of the bar, he recalls popular counterculture through exploring past times, prompting a sentiment to Athenian nightlife culture. This body of work weaves together the traits and affects of social groups that seem suspended between reality and fiction. Papageorgiou articulates the ecology of the bar at an anthropological level; the traces left behind by its characters, and factual or fictitious elements of the myths that surround these people. Although its identity is only traced and mimicked through the tangible, works are articulated through the narratives of characters that are as elusive as ghosts.


Sunny Days
Miae Choi, Sunyoung Choi, Wonwoo Choi, Yooncheol Ha, Seok-yoon Jung, Seonyang Kack, Daehyun Kim, Hyungtae Kim, Jaeyeol Lee, Soonjin Lee, Young-eun Noh, Sangjun Park, Sukhee Song
Organised by Gerasimos Floratos in collaboration with Yeson Art Centre

Opening: Wednesday, June 20th
On until Sunday, August 14th 2018

A group exhibition organized by Gerasimos Floratos in collaboration with Yeson Art Center Yeson is a non-profit organization based in Seoul, South Korea that provides studios, materials, and tuition to artists working and living with developmental disabilities. In 2016 a dialogue began between myself and the director of Yeson Art Center, Jimin Han, where different possibilities for a collaborative project with Yeson were discussed. In early 2017 Ms. Han visited my studio in New York and selected a group of works on paper to be used as materials by artists affiliated with the program. Once in Seoul, the selected work was distributed amongst the art supplies provided to the artists by the center. Over the next year and a half, the artists worked directly on top of the pre-existing imagery. The final works have not been changed in any way since their completion by the artists in Seoul.

Powered by the Onassis Cultural Foundation


Art Athina - High Tide Planetary Pull
Valinia Svoronou

Opening: Wednesday, June 20th
On until Sunday, June 24th 2018

Powered by the Onassis Cultural Foundation

In a future life, Hot Wheels Projects presents a solo presentation of Valinia Svoronou High Tide Planetary Pull II, simulating a decompression zone from the hustle of a futuristic city.


Sometimes Archeology Dreams of Itself
Nicola Baratto and Yiannis Mouravas

Opening: Thursday, April 12th
On until Saturday, May 5th 2018

In 1172 the third column of Venice arrived in San Marco Square from the East. The column is thought to be 16 meters in height and 70 tones in weight. During its passage to the present day, the column was inexplicably misplaced; drowned within the depths of the Adriatic Sea, the monument’s factuality has been drifting from accurate history since.

Following the school of archaeologists and researchers, whose aims are to localise this sunken Byzantine artefact, Nicola Baratto and Yiannis Mouravas continued this research. By wandering, digging and recollecting memories they have developed the practice of archaeodreaming.


Asthenia No. 6
Benedikt Bock, Manolis D. Lemos, Christos Delidimos, Alex Eagleton, Florent Frizet, Pinelopi Gerasimou, Delia Gonzalez, Charles Irwin, Ula Lucinska and Michal Knychaus, Albert Mayr, Natasha Papadopoulou, Lukas Panek, Tula Plumi, Erica Scourti, Goncalo Sena, Valinia Svoronou, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Vincent Verhoef, Faye Wei Wei

Opening: Friday, March 16th
On until Saturday, March 24th 2018

‘Dance first, think later it’s the natural order' — Samuel Beckett


Marzanna, Yours Again
Zoe Paul and Faye Wei Wei

Opening: Tuesday, January 16th
On until Sunday, February 11th 2018

At the end of winter, children gather to drown the Marzanna in the closest lake, marking the beginning of a new spring.

Marzanna dolls, representative of the Baltic and Slavic goddess associated with seasonal rites, are created only to be destroyed.Part of a folk tradition that has stood the test of time, communities in Eastern Europe come together on the first day of spring to create their own effigy. Marzanna has become a malleable symbol; freed from her historical and sacred significance, she is a vessel for expressing personal mythologies and an embodiment of new beginnings. The works of Faye Wei Wei and Zoe Paul engage with the visual weaving of their own individual narratives. Their work references both practical and visual histories, developing a language that combines the then and the now. When these narratives are unwoven, and the Marzanna drowned, only traces of symbols remain to guide an exploration.


Lindsay Lohan: The Myth of the Premium Dance Experience
Isabelle Cook, Jay Glass Dubs, Delia Gonzalez, Yorgia Karidi, Orestis Lazouras, Anastasia Pavlou, Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Maria Toumazou, Dimitris Tsouanatos, Amalia Vekri, Marina Xenofontos

Opening: Wednesday, November 22nd
On until Sunday, December 17th 2017

A year ago, Lindsay Lohan embarked on a joint venture in Athens; LOHAN, a new nightclub in the heart of the Athenian party scene in Gazi. Lindsay’s role in the club was puzzling—her newfound presence in the Greek nightlife market was tinged with mystery, and rumours started to circulate. Lohan’s interview only perpetuated the mystery further; she expressed how, in the light of the refugee crisis, xenophobia, and the country’s debt, LOHAN was her gift to Greece. Marketed as a nightclub for all, the appeal drew on the promise of a quasi-spiritual experience; a place for having fun, a way to ‘take bad situations and make it good’. Lohan heralded herself as the goddess of Athenian night life, elevating herself, and the clubbers, through a sanctified premium dance experience.

Through the prism of Lindsay Lohan and her namesake club, the exhibition draws links between ancient mythology, celebrity and the symbolism of the club experience in the context of modern day Athens.


Lukas Panek

Opening: Thursday, October 19th
On until Sunday, November 12th 2017

We buy. Then we fail. After that we smile.